About Us - Quality and Safety Policy PT Torishima Guna Engineering


Ethics that are applied by company states clearly that employee is the most important asset of the company. Therefore, in performing its activities, the company has policy of being responsible at all times socially and ethically by way of protecting safety and health of employees, and also by maintaining good working environment in its surrounding. It is part of the company's goals to be responsible and receptive to the SHE (Safety, Health & Environment) problems and in accordance with the applied regulations.
About Us - Quality and Safety Policy PT Torishima Guna Engineering


In achieving the company's mission to become a key player in infrastructure and industry development, we provide high quality products and engineering services according to the customers' requirements and needs. We determine that Quality Management System and International Quality Standard to be quality standard reference. Our resolve is to continuously improve the quality of our products and engineering services, to effectively manage our human resources, and to determinedly apply the company's principles and ethics. This quality policy is the main reference of the company's framework that shall be applied and abide by all employees and our business partners. We appoint the Management Representative to execute and to manage this quality policy.

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