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General : Torishima double suction volute pump CDM is newly designed with the most advanced hydraulic, providing less noise and vibration, wider operation range, lower NPSH required and higher efficiency. Paricular in the pump efficiency, CDM is remarkably better that others brands, contributing to great cost reduction in operation.

  • Casing wear rings and shaft sleeves are replaceable for longer life span
  • Three-dimensional double suction impeller is designed according to new hydraulic with high efficiency, low NPSH req and stable curves.
  • Particularly in the pump efficiency, CDM is better that other famous brands
  • Volute casing are designed by FEM (Finite Element Method) analysis according to the most advanced hydraulics, resulting in higher efficiency, wider flow rate operation range, noise free and vibration free operation
  • Grease-lubricated ball bearing is provide. Oil lubrication is available on request for high temperature liquid and for compliance with various standards.
  • Soft-packed packing is applied as standard execution. Mechanical selas can be applied on request to facilitate maintenance work or accept various liquids.
  1. Energy industry : Water intake, distribution, boosting, circulating, drainage, fire fighting
  2. Environmental protection facilities : water intake, distribution, boosting, drainage
  3. General industries : Water intake, distribution, boosting, circulating, drainage, sea water, desalination , fire-fighting
  4. Building : Water supply, drainage, distric heating, and cooling
  5. Water works : Water intake, distribution, water supply
  6. Agriculture : Irrigation, drainage
  7. Others : Pipe line boosting, etc
Operating range :
Total head : up to 160 m
Capacity : up to 6000 m3/h
Size : 200 to 700 mm
Temperature : up to 80°C

Material :
Volute casing : Cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel
Impeller : Cast iron, bronze, stainless steel
Shaft : Carbon steel, chrome molybdenum steel, stainless steel
Shaft sleeve : Bronze, stainless steel

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