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CAL Pump

CAL Pump

CAL is one series of CA series pumps which are eco-friendly high-efficiency pumps based on technology from our engineered pumps

  • Eco-friendy and high efficiency pumps
  • Impeller trimmed to exactly meet customer specification
  • Ultra high efficiency motor (equivalent to IEC IE3)
  • Higher speed enables same duty to be achieved with smaller pump
  • Simple maintenance with mechanical seals
  • Excellent parts interchangeability
  • Back pull-out design
  • Low NPSH (high suction performance)
  • Stable operation
  • Shaft guard and totally enclosed coupling guard
Main application fields are cooling water pump, hot water (circulation) pump, cold water pump, raw water pump, filtrate pump, back wash pump, transfer pump, recovering backwash pump, deaerator feed water pump, industrial water pump, spray pump, sprinkling pump, chilled water pump
Operating range :
Total head : up to 100 m
Capacity : up to 600 m3/h
Size : 32 to 200 mm
Temperature : Standard -10°C to 100°C Option 100°C to 350°C

Pump Material :

Casing : FC250 (Standard), FCD400 (Option)
Impeller : FC200 (Standard) SCS13 (Option)
Shaft : SUS420J2 (Standard) SUS304, SUS329J1+S45C (Option)

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