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CAS Pump is one series of CA series pumps which are eco-friendly high-efficiency pumps based on technology from our engineered pumps

  • Eco-friendly and high-efficiency pumps
  • Impeller trimmed (to exactly meet customer specification)
  • Low NPSH (high suction performance)
  • Stable operation
  • High head and capacity, high suction and discharge pressure
  • Excellent parts interchangeability
  • Handling various liquids and temperature
  • Simple maintenance
  • Short delivery
High quality materials and structural designs are adopted to meet specification requirements for a variety of applications, including petrochemical, chemical and general industries, seawater desalination, high temperature heating equipment, energy-related equipment, cooling water circulation for skyscrapers, district heating and cooling, water transferring, and water feeding.
Operating range :
Total head : up to 100 m
Capacity : up to 1800 m3/h
Temperature : Standard -10°C to 80°C ; Option -40°C to 220°C

Pump Material :
Casing Standard : SCS13 ; Option : SCS14, SCS1T1 (SCS16,11)
Impeller Standard : SCS13 ; Option : SCS1T1, SCS14
Shaft Standard : SUS304 ; Option : SUS420J2, SUS316, SUS316L, SUS329J1

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