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SMSV model (mixed flow) are large capacity type submersible propeller pumps with low head capabilities. These pump, which offer high efficiency and superior performance complete with compact design and easy operation, are desugned to meet the requirements for efficient handling of large quantities of water. In particular for installation, maintenance and inspection in pits, Auto In-Pipe Column Installation Type is adobted because of the highly reliability and rapid discharge connections. These feature substantially reduce costs of construction as well as saves labor and energy for the operation

Storm water and flood control, Agricultural water, irrigation, industrial water and drainage, river water intake and lifting / draining of water canals, dry dock drainage, water level regulation, fish farming, other application requiring pumping large quantities of water
Specification :
Impeller type : Mixed flow type

Motor :
Pole : 4 ~ 24 Pole
Insulation class : F
Voltage : 3 Phase / 220 V / 380 V / 440 V / 2000 - 3300 V / 6000 V
N : 1500 -2500 rpm
Starting : DOL / Star delta / Soft starter / VSD

Material :
Impeller : Bronze, ductile cast iron, stainless steel
Casing : cast iron, Ni resist, stainless steel
Shaft : Carbon steel, stainless steel
*Other material is available upon request

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